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10 Days of Giving & The Giving Tree

The feel in the air is undeniable ... the season of giving is upon us! Although Stroll has come and gone, the festive mood is only growing even stronger day by day. Stores are stocking their shelves with holiday trinkets, gifts, sweets & treats, and everyone seems to be smiling just a little bit more. Here at Wicked, our store is absolutely decked out with lights, ornaments, and Christmas cheer - we have our very own Emily to thank for that!

This time of year, when the Christmas lights come out and our hot chocolate returns, most of our customers are accustomed to us having some type of contest so that their office, family, or friends can win some pastries and coffee before we close our doors for two weeks after Christmas. We promise that we are still doing a contest this year, but this year we decided to change things up a little bit ...

This year we are teaming up with A Safe Place to make local families who utilize their amazing services enjoy their holiday a little easier. Last year, Nantucket Cycling and Fitness came up with a brilliant idea to help ensure a very Merry Christmas for the kiddos, as well as the parents, by accepting donations in a fun and creative way - by having people choose a stocking off of the tree and donate the item on the card inside.

Inspired by both of these wonderful local establishments, and the strong women behind them, we have decided to put up our very own "Giving Tree" - and our customers are strongly encouraged to donate in exchange for a chance to win some pastries & coffee!

The rules are simple:

- Pick a stocking or tag off of the tree. Within each stocking is a gift idea for a child. Each tag is an essential item for the entire family.

- If you chose a STOCKING: Get the gift, wrap it, and return it with the tag to Wicked by Saturday, December 16th.

- If you chose a GIFT TAG: Get the item and return it with the tag to Wicked by Saturday, December 16th.

For each returned tag, you get a chance to win enough coffee & pastries to treat up to 10 people - the winner must provide a telephone number they will be willing to answer day-of - that means that you must be ON-ISLAND in order to win! Or, if you'd prefer, you can donate your prize to someone you know is on island - or to a local organization of your choice.


STARTING MONDAY, DECEMBER 11TH, we will be choosing a winner each day during the work week until Friday, December 22nd.

The more gifts you donate, and the more tags you return, the better chance you will have of winning!

Just remember ... all gifts and donations (along with their tags so that you can be entered into the contest) must be received NO LATER than Saturday, December 16th.

We are very excited to be teaming up with A Safe Place this year, and hope our customers are just as thrilled! Thank you for supporting our community!

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